You’ve done the hard part, you’ve found the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with. Now’s the easy part — finding an amazing place to get married. And what better place than a shed in the middle of a forest.

So let’s talk our shed. It’s great. 26m long, 11m wide and full of custom-made Tas oak tables that you configure anyway you like — from 50 people to 150. We also have an incredible collection of mis-matched vintage chairs for you to use.

The venue is permanently decorated with 400m of lighting, there’s a reclaimed brick fireplace to sip wine and warm your cockles, plus the shed is heated by Tasmania’s largest repurposed pot-belly stove. What’s more, there’s a stage for speeches and entertainment, space for a dance floor, a mobile bar to position where you like, and luxury bathroom facilities.

Speaking of which, Sandridge Estate is BYO. See, we told you we were on your side. And if you require it, we have a network of local caterers, musicians, celebrants and wait staff that we’d love to recommend. Easy.

As for the magic moment itself, well, picking the perfect spot is half the fun. And at Sandridge there are 500 acres of spots to choose from – from grassy forest clearings, to rustic barns.

So the venue is great, but we like to think the way we do things at Sandridge make things a bit more fun and easy as well.  So here’s what we do - when you have your wedding at Sandridge Estate you get the property for 3 days. So not only can you take your time setting up, but it also means you and your guests can stay overnight.

There’s plenty of space for guest to pitch a tent, plus Sandridge Estate now has an eco-village of 8 luxurious tents. We call it Glamp Sandridge, and it’s perfect for wedding parties, specials guests, or anyone that wants a little pre or post wedding pampering.

Glamp Sandridge

Weddings at Sandridge are pretty popular, so for more information, bookings, and pricing, simply send us an email or call Bec on 0438  378 796.

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